Sustainable Home WA

Build with Sustainable Home WA and your Sustainable Home will cost you no more, and you will continue to save every day.

Since becoming registered builders in 1990, we have successfully delivered over 3,500 homes in Western Australia. You can have confidence in our ability to design and build your Sustainable Home on time and on budget. We know what makes a great sustainable home.

We believe your builder should be 100% committed to delivering your home, that’s why we only commit to 1 building project at a time. A truly Sustainable Home approach to building.

This simple principle provides our clients with our total focus and accessibility throughout the building process, setting us apart from our peers.

We will work with you or your designer to build the Sustainable Home of your dreams.


One Planet Living Principles

We encourage the dissemination and development of knowledge regarding the One Planet Living ten principles and framework, with specific reference to;


Sustainable Water

  • Alternate/recycle water supply for Toilets and gardens via stormwater harvesting and storage.

Sustainable materials

  • Build with renewable building products
  • Minimise embodied energy in buildings
  • Life Cycle consideration of material specification – quality products = long life
  • Maximise structural elements as finished products – minimisation of materials used

Zero Waste

  • Minimise site waste and recycling of waste created
  • Minimise re-working, minimising waste generation

Zero Carbon

  • Passive solar design,
  • Thermal efficiency,
  • Photo Voltaic power generation & Battery storage
  • Promoting Energy efficient daily use – (washing lines, LED lighting, cooling/heating, cooking via induction, solar water heating)

Contact us to see how we can work with you to design and build your Sustainable Home.