Utilise your roof space with our Attic Storage Solutions in Perth


Are you dreaming about having extra storage in your home? Have you ever thought about using the space in your roof?

We can help you utilise the space in your roof to create an area big enough to suits your needs and your budget.

Around 30% of the space in your home is hiding up in your roof cavity and remaining unused. It just makes sense to use it!

Our design team can design an attic storage system that will efficiently unlock this space so you can declutter your home.  Imagine being able to easily stash those irregular shaped items, spare suitcases, Christmas decorations, children’s toys and the kid’s things that you just can’t throw away in one of our roof storage systems!

Our storage systems are not only ecofriendly, but are also quick and easy to install. We can utilise your existing manhole or we can install one of our seamless attic ladder systems making your roof space even easier to access, all while allowing your existing roof structure to remain intact and unaltered.



Our basic storage system is an ideal entry level solution. We recommend this option if you want to store items that are only accessed every so often.

Our simple installation process will involve installing a ladder of your choice and fitting additional battens to the your roof frame to increase the load capacity of your existing ceiling, allowing fixing points for flooring across the joists. This will provide you with substantial floor space for storage.

Basic storage systems are tailored specifically to your home and can usually be installed within 1-2 days depending on the size of the space. 

Our basic storage systems start from just $1,599

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For those looking for that next level of storage or you want to store valuable items or documents, then the sealed storage system is the perfect solution for you.

With all the benefits of a Basic Flooring system plus insulated lining taped to a support frame, this system will protect your valuables from dust, insects and other roof dwellers.

We can also add roof ventilation, timber perimeter skirting, roof access hatches, lighting, power & skylights.

As this is a more comprehensive solution it typically takes 2-3 days to install.

Our sealed storage systems start from $2,990

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