Easy access to your roof space with Attic Ladders


The roof space is often the most underutilised space in a home. Accessing it easily has been one of the biggest issues for homeowners. A roof ladder system can be convenient, unobtrusive and a simple solution.

Our ladder systems are available in many sizes. Let our experts advise you of the best solution for your needs based on how often you are likely to use them, what you want to use the roof space for and your budget.

We can even install them in a day!



We have a range of timber ladder options depending on how you want to use your attic space. With load capacities between 140kg and 410kg, opening width’s from 570mm – 700mm and to suit ceiling heights ranging from 2.2m to 3.66m, our ladders will suit almost any West Australian home.


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Our range of aluminium ladders are suited to both occasional or regular use and like our timber version we offer a wide range of opening width’s and ceiling heights.

All our ladders are durable and supplied from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of attic storage systems. We can help match your ladder use needs with your budget to provide the best solution for you!


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